Authorized e-Tailer Badging

Ready to Accelerate your sales across your Internet Authorized e-Tailer Network?


Increase sales and consumer confidence with e-Tailer badging

24×7 Technology that rewards your best e-Tailer partners and drives more sales.

  • Reward your best eCommerce partners with a Verified Authorized e-Tailer badge, which creates a meaningful difference for consumers between Authorized dealers and rogue resellers.
  • See detailed shopper behavior on every website displaying your Authorized Badges.
  • Create sophisticated retargeting campaigns to drive consumers back to your Authorized eCommerce partners as a thank you for program participation.

Reward your best authorized e-Tailer sellers

…with more sales. Clearly differentiate between
Authorized e-Tailer and rogue sellers

The Authorized e-Tailer badge is displayed on each page where your product is advertised for sale by your Authorized e-Tail partner, right next to the “Add to Cart” button.

Tie unknown Amazon seller or inventory and sales levels to real known customer accounts.

And…give your partners support their customers can see!

Turn browsers into buyers

Reward partners with co-op advertising campaigns to retarget their consumers… and supercharge their sales! The Authorized e-Tailer badge embeds a pixel, which allows you to run sophisticated advertising campaigns designed to follow your potential customers as they travel the web, and send them back to your e-Tail partners to purchase your products.

e-Tailer Partners
e-Tailer Partners
e-Tailer Partners
e-Tailer Partners

Partner like you mean it

A true Win-Win-Win, this badge is a game changer for your Authorized Internet eCommerce resale network. Let our Technology Unlock the Power of Your Partners and Free Your Team to Focus on Your Business.

Consumers buy with more confidence

eTail Partners get more sales

You get deep insights into consumer behavior you’ve never been able to see before – AND use that to grow sales

Download our detailed product deck to learn more:

Make us your (not so) secret weapon

We help PROTECT + GROW the best brands in the world. We combine world-class technology with world-class people to be your world-class partner. We look forward to showing you why we’re the best.

e-Tailer Badges
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