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Trackstreet technology enables every brand with online sales to protect and grow their multi-channel revenue.

The leading brand protection Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. TrackStreet leverages artificial intelligence and automation technologies to relentlessly monitor and reduce brand, MAP, and resale pricing violations.

Want a taste of what we can do?

We track the world of e-commerce

And give you super powers with all the information we can act on for you

  • Track over 100,000 marketplaces and websites
  • Investigate over 150K unknown resellers yearly
  • Capture millions of screenshots of policy violations daily
  • Action over 10 million policy compliance decisions nightly (while our clients sleep)
  • Increase profits by billions of dollars every year
  • Put our clients back in control of the most powerful growth engine the world has ever seen (the Internet)

Take back control. Then accelerate.

Our integrated Software Modules are designed to bring you through a proven protection + growth process

Protect Phase

Get visibility into where your products are online

Lock down your channel – policy compliance

Stop the bleeding at checkout – customer voice management

Assess Phase

Quantify your largest online channel – Amazon

Grow Phase

Make more sales with what you’ve got

Drive explosive customer growth online and off

One platform – a fully integrated solution

We help you harness the power of your Internet channel to drive online and offline growth. Start with any module combination. Expand Anytime.

Market Visibility

Discover where your products are being sold, for how much, and by whom on every website and marketplace, and track changes over time.

MAP & Resale Policy Compliance

Best in class, automated compliance engine for MAP and Authorized Dealer networks.

Brand Protection Services

Outsourced day to day resale policy enforcement oversight and channel compliance. None of the HR. More of the results.

Authorized Dealer & Distributor Management Portal

Modernize & simplify your reseller processes with 24×7 Technology that automates how you build and manage your partner relationships.

Q+A/Review Tracking

Discover where your products are being sold, for how much, and by whom on every website and marketplace, and track changes over time.

Amazon Analytics

Understand exactly how much inventory is being held and sold on the Amazon platform on a product by product or seller by seller basis.

Authorized e-Tailer Badging

Hear the customer voice next to the buy button everywhere your product is sold, and scoop up low hanging fruit.

Referral Reverb

Empower the people who love your products to drive more sales online and into your best retail partners.

Start with any module combination. Expand Anytime.

Make us your (not so) secret weapon

We help PROTECT + GROW the best brands in the world. We combine world-class technology with world-class people to be your world-class partner. We look forward to showing you why we’re the best.

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