Product Review &
QA Optimization

With our product review tracking, you will…
Tracksteet tracks what customers are saying on Amazon, eBay, and every eCommerce website & marketplace that matters. 24/7 reporting on all product reviews and Q&A activity.

TrackStreet listens to each product review

We relentlessly track what customers are saying next to the buy button on every eCommerce website & marketplace that matters, to ensure you maximize every sale.

  • 24/7 reporting on all product review + Q&A activity, and learn exactly what consumers are saying about your products and where they’re getting stuck.
  • Aggregate all reviews and Q&A for your products across all major eCommerce outlets into one easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Receive automated alerts based upon any defined criteria, such as keyword, product, review, location or star rating.
  • Prioritize responses to reviews by unhappy customers, and ensure that all product questions get the best answers that drive more conversions & sales.

Many brands are often unaware…

…about the product review that can destroy consumer confidence in their brands

Product Review & QA Optimization
Product Review & QA Optimization
Possible quality control, labeling issue, or problem with seller fulfillment. Lowers customer confidence, and reduces sales for all models.
Destroys consumer confidence, and lowers sales for all sizes and colors.

Many brands are often unaware…

…of what consumers don’t understand about their products AND the quantity of unanswered or incorrectly answered questions on Amazon alone.

Product Review Tracking

Pay attention to your customers and reap the rewards

Your customers are talking about you, and what they say will determine if the next 100 Million shoppers will buy your products. Take control of the conversation that’s already happening without you.

  • Proactively respond to unhappy customers BEFORE they turn others against you and destroy your online sales.
  • Turn bad reviews into drivers for more sales.
  • Ensure that customer questions get answered, and answered with the right information so customers buy the right products for their needs.
  • Inform your product team on what your consumers LOVE about your products, and what’s stopping them from choosing your brand.

The best product review optimization technology

For any product, across all key online channels

Automate reports based upon almost any criteria including: product, date, review location, keyword, star rating, and more.
Spot product challenge trends as they emerge.
Easily prioritize next-step actions.
Catch at-risk activities before they affect product sales.
Filter for reviews, which identify counterfeit products being sold.
Target fake or inappropriate reviews to improve product ratings.
Track changes in customer sentiment over time.

The best product review QA tracking & response technology

For any product, Amazon focused

Monitor all questions, answers, and comments.
Automate reports based upon almost any criteria including: product, date, keywords, and more.
Ensure all questions are correctly answered.
Easily report irrelevant or bad questions for removal.
Export questions and answers for offline analysis and to drive improvements to product documentation.
Reduce return rates & increase product ratings.

Take back control while you sleep

Our advanced Artificial Intelligence-based solutions keep your finger on your customer pulse 24/7. Better than a warehouse full of humans, our systems can connect all the dots a person never could, never forget a review or question, don’t eat or sleep, and get better the harder you work them.

Fully AutomatibleFully Automatible

Detailed ReportingDetailed Reporting

Visible ResultsVisible Results

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Product Review Tracking
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